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I found my beginning in the rewarding world of writing when I was in the Navy, stationed aboard the U.S.S. Saratoga, an aircraft carrier assigned to roam around the Mediterranean Sea. One day, I sat down by a shipmate who was reading a letter and shaking his head. I asked what was wrong and the sailor said, "I got a Dear John letter and I want to write her one but I don't know what to say." Untrained and inexperienced in how to write, I said he would try to help, despite the fact that in high school I was removed from English class for "lack of potential." And in a college composition class I tried to answer a question but was so wrong the professor threw an eraser at me. My reaction today? "Go figure."

A Most Unexpected World

Lo and behold, the sailor liked my editing so much I decided to start charging five dollars a letter. Soon, other Dear John recipients heard about it, and signed me up. "My first paying job as a writer," I said. I went on to graduate from the University of Miami with a degree in journalism, then onto Europe where I was a reporter for an English newspaper. Returning to the U.S., I began a career as a senior staff writer for Fortune 500 corporations, where I wrote the gamut of business products including proposals, magazine articles, brochures, flyers, ads, reports, essays, corporate documents, plus a variety of prose sketches that use storytelling techniques to help students learn the art and craft of writing.

When business executives asked me to create and teach a writing workshop, I developed an interest in helping both students and adults learn to write by taking a relaxed, fun approach. That 8-week workshop, given three times a year, lasted ten years and always had a waiting list. Today, I am still helping students enjoy writing through my new book, Finding King Onomatopoeia and Other Stories, available on my Home Page. Just click on the Buy Now button. Want to see why language arts students actually want to read the book? Click on the testimonials page.



 Okay, so my high school teacher told me to get out...out of class, that is, because all I did was sit in the back row (that's where the last of the alphabet had to sit) and belch. Just goes to show you we can do anything when we really put our minds to it and try, try, try and then try some more. I wish I could show that teacher some of my magazines articles, plus that book you saw on the first page.

About that photo of me leaning on the boom of that sailboat...well, I had a sailor take that after a magazine sent me to the island of St. Lucia, in the Caribbean, to do an article on sail training schools in the Caribbean. Not bad, huh? All expenses paid? And all because I decided one day to buckle down and start learning how to write things like  magazine articles, ads, essays for school, memoirs, etc., etc., just about anything. Did I learn overnight? No. Maybe more like a few years, but it sure was worth it. After all, I did get to go out on that sailboat, sip a cool ice tea, and watch the Caribbean sun go down....                                  
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More credentials?

A University of Miami journalism graduate, Lee Woods has been a reporter in Europe, a senior corporate staff writer, a marketing communications manager, an in-house advertising manager, a proposal writer/editor, a workshop leader, and a freelance copywriter for 25 years. Under contract to a variety of public and private organizations, corporations, local government agencies, advertising agencies and university training centers, he has planned, created, written and produced the gamut of both internal and external communications, including website text, magazine articles, newsletters, print ads, brochures, trade show presentations and display copy, product bulletins, slogans, news releases, proposals, a full-length book, and executive summaries for both domestic and international readers.                  

His 24 articles and essays have appeared in SAIL magazine, Caribbean Travel and Life, Defense and Foreign Affairs, Cruising World, Caribbean Sports & Travel, Military Technology, Vertiflite, Brevard Business News, Signal Magazine, the Miami Herald, Journal of the Society for Technical Communication, and the Journal of the American Sailing Association. He has also written three business communications guidelines: Writing Skill is a Business Skill; The 8-Hour Executive Summary (a workshop text), and the book, Finding King Onomatopoeia and Other Stories, designed to help middle grade homeschool students learn the art and craft of writing.

He has created and conducted a variety of business writing workshops for the Raytheon Company, Harris Corporation, Brevard Community College, the University of Central Florida Career Development Center, and the Small Business Administration. His business writing workshop at the Harris Corporation lasted for ten years – and each workshop had a waiting list. In 2008, he worked as a writing consultant at the U. of Central Florida Writing Center, helping students write essays, memoirs and other assignments.

Following his studies at the University of Miami, Lee pursued graduate courses at Boston University's School of Public Communications, the M.I.T. summer program in technical writing, and graduate courses in virtual teaching at two Florida universities. In 1992, he was the guest journalist aboard the schooner Spirit of Massachusetts during the Columbus Quincentenary tall ship rally in San Juan, Puerto Rico. In 1988, he earned a Coast Guard near-coastal master's license, and is a former certified instructor with the American Sailing Association. He has lived and worked in Germany and the British West Indies, and is a self-taught classical guitarist, having performed at a variety of venues.

                                   Supplemental Education, Experience

Teacher, Technical Writing, one semester, Brevard Community College, FL
Writing curriculum consultant, Florida Tech College, Melbourne, FL
Created and conducted Fortune 500 company writing workshops
Penn State Online Writing Newsletter, "Meet Victor Barnacle" and "What's Up With Up?
Graduate courses in virtual/blended teaching, Florida State U. and U. of Central Florida


U. of  Central Florida Writing Center
December 11, 2010

To Whom It May Concern:
Lee Woods worked for me as a peer writing consultant from August 2008 - May 2009. Our consultants work one-on-one with UCF graduate and undergraduate students, faculty, and staff on their writing projects. In order to give useful feedback, they must be excellent writers and researchers, careful readers and listeners, and have strong interpersonal skills. They are among UCF's best students, and Lee w'as one of them. Lee.,in fact, was not a student---a requirement for employment vhen he applied for the job. His enthusiasm fbr writing and workiitg with students was strong enough, however, that he agreed to'take a UCF course in order to make himself eligible.

Lee brought to us his background in conducting corporate writing seminars, and was an eager participant in our own ongoing training. He regularly contributed new ideas for handouts, and maintained good rapport with students. Many of Lee's hours were spent in online consultations as well as face-to-face. Students email their papers to us, and at an appointed time, they meet with our consultants in a synchronous chat environment. Lee became prohcient at this consulting mode very quickly.

Barbara Kyle, Supervisor/Insturctor
UCF Writing Center


To Whom It May Concern:

I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation for Lee Woods. In the fall of 2008 I sought help from the Brevard County Community College Writing Center. I was returning to school in pursuit of a second college degree under a new discipline. I met with Lee and explained that it had been a number of years since I had written a paper and needed help. Upon learning Leeʼs background and extensive experience in writing I knew I was in very capable hands. Leeʼs ability to teach and explain the multiple and essential components of writing a paper far exceeded my expectations. Leeʼs training resulted in receiving an A grade with additional positive comments from my instructor including how well executed the topic points were. Most importantly, I came away with a terrific and very pleasant learning experience and a skill I will be able to carry forward. It is my pleasure to recommend Lee Woods as a writing instructor and an outstanding teacher.

John Milia (former student, U. Central Florida/Brevard Community College)


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