If you want your homeschool students to learn to write, give them the book they'll want to read.

It's a Read-Aloud!

Finding King Onomatopoeia and Other Stories is an anthology of short-short stories, like little dramas, that can be read by parent, child, or together. In one story, lead characters James and Jessica Davis thrash their way through the jungle, finally coming upon the king’s village. Surprise...his main job is to manage the local McDonalds.

(The following comments were excerpted from book reviews and homeschool blog posts, along with the authors’ permission):  


“My children haven’t read it from cover to cover yet, but they have listened to me read portions of it, and they enjoyed it along with me!”


“I found it fun to read myself, and you might too! And as I mentioned, even the exercises at the end can be fun and serve as interesting topics for one-on-one or even group discussions.”


“And summer is a great time to consider reading this book with your children if you want to keep the learning going even if you’re taking a break from regular homeschooling. It’s definitely entertaining enough to be fun, yet it teaches some important rules and guidelines at the same time!”


“If you decide to read the book yourself or with your children, I would love for you to come back and let me know how you liked it! Do you have plans to read it with elementary-aged students? Middle school or older? Please tell me your experiences! I’d love to hear from you.”


            Wendy Hilton, homeschool mom and former middle school language arts teacher



“You could use this book in a co-op situation and use each chapter as a short play.”


“This book makes learning to write fun! This book is not your ordinary dry textbook.  I loved this book!  It is a very creative way of teaching the concepts of writing! I think you should check it out.” 


            Deborah S., Administrator, Everett Homeschool Academy, Hayden, AL



“Parents who struggle with the how to of writing or who are working with kids who ‘hate to write’ need this book.  Once a child sees just how creative he or she can be through writing, there is no stopping the inspiration.” 


            Jessica Parnell, Principal, Bridgeway Academy, PA



"I enjoyed reading your book with my daughter. The book gave us an opportunity to discuss the ideas that were being taught/introduced in each chapter. It was refreshing for me to see a book approach grammar in such a unique and interesting way. My daughter was engaged with the characters and the material. I think it is a book that lends itself to be read aloud and discussed and then when the particular grammar point is taught the story is forefront in the student's mind. This book turns what can be a very dry subject into a dynamic one." 


            Beverley Munday, Lead Advisor, Clonlara Home School



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